Why Diesel Forklift

Diesel machines are the heavyweight lifters of the forklift market and as a result need a heavy fuel source. So, unlike their electric and LPG equivalents, diesel powered forklift trucks are ideal for mainly outdoor use. Their somewhat offensive exhaust fumes escape easily into your atmosphere and cause less environmental and health and safety issues when used outdoors.

However, exhaust purifiers can reduce your emissions and setup the machines for occasional and short-term indoor use.

Though diesel engines come with emissions, they are actually more fuel efficient than LPG powered forklifts and the higher torque compared with an LPG machine makes them studier on gradients, plus more powerful when towing.

The performance of a diesel truck is arguably superior to its electric alternative, with faster acceleration and lift/lower speeds. Additionally, there is power enough to manage hydraulic attachments such as hydraulic fork spreaders, rotating clamps and forward tipplers.

So, if you’re after exceptional power for outdoor yard work, a diesel lifter is the way to go.

Why Lift Equipt?

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