Magni's heavy-duty telescopic handlers can easily handle extremely heavy payloads ranging between 10 and 45 tonnes and are ideal for heavy-duty tasks in manufacturing, ports and mining. Highly manoeuvrable and able to move quickly and with extreme stability they are the choice of many manufacturing facilities. They have been designed specifically to perform onerous heavy lifting and shifting tasks and are the ideal companion for those requiring performance and reliability in extreme conditions. Magni remains the undisputed champion in heavy-duty workloads.

Download the PDF to see the HTH in action in various applications.


Versatility is the key to success. The RFID system that enables our machine accessories to be changed rapidly makes them perfect for anyone requiring a single, multi­functional product. From farming and agriculture to mining or other sectors, Magni has the solution to meet your needs.

Safety is crucial in heavy lifting and you will be confident knowing your safe when lifting heavy loads, courtesy of on-board technology which provides real-time weight distribution information during lifting operations.

Our understanding of the market, our ability to get ahead of the game and our undeniably Italian skills are written into our very DNA and have been the key to Magni Telescopic Handlers’ rapid success.

The Magni HTH range is ultra-reliable and been specifically designed to handle the demands of quarries, mines, oil and gas fields, and other heavy-duty industries.

A great deal of attention has been given to the cabin and its unique design to provide efficiency, safety and comfort for the operator. The patented cab boasts full visibility, 100% inlet air filtration, air conditioning and heating, and movable steering column for an optimal driving position.