The RTH range is the result of years of experience and research in the field of rotary telehandlers. The RTH range by Magni is built to ensure maximum safety and versatility.

  • A huge choice of interchangeable attachments for multiple uses, all equipped with the R.F.ID automatic recognition system.
  • MCTS software which, alongside the CAN-BUS system, allows customisation of various usage parameters.
  • Different types of steering enabling unprecedented worksite access.
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The innovative design of MAGNI's cabs ensures unbeatable operator

comfort and safety.

The cab has full visibility thanks to a large windscreen which

extends from the operator's head to their feet, allowing them to

view the load even when it is suspended overhead or with the

boom completely lowered.

The cab is FOPS/ROPS certified and equipped with an upper grill

guard to guarantee operator safety even during the most delicate


The adjustable steering column facilitates access to the cab, and

allows the operator to achieve their perfect working position.

The cab is hermetically sealed and fully pressurised. The 100%

air filtration makes MAGNI machines perfect for use even in

contaminated environments, with no risks for the operator.

Heating and air conditioning are standard on all models in the

RTH range (excluding the 4.18 Smart).

The cab is also equipped with a practical cup holder.

This is a big hit with operators, allowing them to enjoy their morning

coffee or other beverages inside the cab.

(Magni insulated cup available).

The cab also features a USB port as standard for charging tablets

and smartphones.


The user-friendly touchscreen display manages the entire machine's functions. It is extremely intuitive and communicates with the

operator via more than 170 written fault messages in 8 different

languages. The touchscreen can also be managed via a joystick. The

stabilisers and auto-levelling can also be managed via dedicated buttons.


Each model can be road legal and three different types of

steering are available:

  • Round steering: offering an improved turning circle for

moving in tight spaces.

  • Front steering: for on-road driving
  • Crab steering: allows the machine to approach from the


The ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces sets this machine apart.


The SMART series is equipped with pivoting stabilisers.

The compact size of the chassis is complemented by the pivoting

stabilisers installed on the same axis; when these are closed

they do not protrude from the outline of the machine, and do

not affect its ground clearance.

When they are opened, on the other hand, they form a very

compact stabilisation area of just 427 cm, while maintaining

impressive lifting capacity.

The performance of the Smart Series is highlighted by its

3000 mm wheelbase which also allows for more advantageous

tyre capacities, while compactness is assured by the increased

steering angle, offering an improved turning circle to allow

manoeuvring even in tight spaces. The lifting and lowering process allows for optimal grip on

any kind of ground thanks to the large contact surface; at the

same time, it allows for closure of the stabiliser foot without



In order to ensure maximum safety, all machines in the RTH range meet product standards for

forklift trucks, cranes and aerial work platforms. All MAGNI telescopic handlers are equipped

with a load limit device which stores specific load charts for each attachment and continuously

analyses the spatial positioning of the load, dynamically displaying the correct load chart based

on the machine's working configuration. If an overload occurs, it automatically stops any

movement which would aggravate the situation, allowing only for retraction.

The Magni RTH range of rotating telehandlers is available from Lift Equipt in Western Australia for hire or sale. We also conduct all servicing and maintenance to Magni machines and others.