AUSA Rough Terrain Forklifts

Dealing with gradient, rough or extreme terrain is hard enough without having to worry about your machinery not being up to scratch. A regular forklift isn’t built to leave the hard, generally flat ground and as soon as it tries, you can guarantee the traction will be minimal – especially if you’re carrying a load.

That’s when the professionals turn to AUSA all-terrain forklifts. The Lift Equipt range of AUSA all-terrain forklifts are exceptionally compact, powerful and versatile, with a reduced size and small turning radius, which gives them excellent manoeuvrability and load manipulation on the toughest and steepest terrains.

Add to this their exceptional capacity to move a large volume of very heavy loads and it can be safely said that these are highly versatile vehicles that provide outstanding performance when moving goods.

Advantages of the AUSA All Terrain Forklifts

With a versatility that allows them to safely lift heavy loads between 1.3 – 5 tonnes on rough, sloping terrain, AUSA rough terrain forklifts are the popular choice for many types of off-road and semi-industrial operations.

These forklifts are equipped with a state-of-the-art engine that achieves a brilliant balance between engine power and load capacity, ensuring easy operation, maximum visibility and load stability are easily achievable.

AUSA’s all-terrain forklifts are set to be used in two-wheel drive until the terrain gets rough, then with a push of a button, the handler can engage the forklifts four-wheel drive capabilities.

AUSA is also committed to the environment, so those who are environmentally conscious will be glad to hear that this product isn’t just outstanding value for money – it also has a low fuel consumption and lower carbon footprint.

Stand Out Features

  • Mast mounts directly to the chassis above from axel for maximum load capacity & stability
  • Maximum visibility for the driver
  • Large counter weight covers engine at the back and balances when carrying load
  • On demand four-wheel-drive – engaged on the move with a push of a button
  • More simple maintenance with access to the engine
  • Added extras for luxury on the go.

Available attachments for an AUSA Telehandler Forklift

  • Multiple mast options
  • Bucket
  • Tilting carriage
  • Fork positioner
  • Bale clamps
  • Double pallet handlers and more available.

Why Lift Equipt?

Lift Equipt is a locally owned and operated business that is committed to providing superior quality products, service and repairs to clients across Western Australia and the eastern states.

Established in 2006, Lift Equipt have grown exponentially to service the demand for locally owned and operated forklift hire and sales, with offices now based in Perth, Karratha, Port Hedland and Melbourne.

Thanks to Lift Equipt’s widespread offices, we not only deliver your new or used AUSA all-terrain forklifts to your job site, we also provide servicing, repairs and maintenance for your forklift.

We understand how important forklifts are to keep your business moving, so we also stock a range of spare parts at our offices for minimal downtime.

End to End Customer Service

Our end-to-end customer service means we are with you every step of the way, from your first enquiry through to your purchase and beyond. Our team are invested in providing the best after-sale care for your forklift and equipment to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

For all your AUSA rough terrain forklifts, BP side loaders and other vital machinery, get in touch with the experts.

Contact the Lift Equipt team today to discuss your forklift needs or get in touch for an obligation free quote.