Capable of lifting a maximum load of 1,200 kg, this vehicle is small in size and lightweight. This minimises ground erosion and allows it to be used in areas which, by their nature, require a lightweight product with a high load capacity.


– The cheapest all-terrain forklift on the market.
– KUBOTA 3-cylinder engine with the lowest fuel consumption on the market which, together with its low maintenance costs, makes it a highly costeffective product.
– Cheap to transport thanks to its low unladen weight of 2,160 kg and height of 2,040 mm, meaning that it can be easily transported in any lorry.

Model D902
Load capacity to 500 mmkg1200
Load capacity to 600 mmkg1090
Transmission Mechanical
Fork carriage FEM 2
Carriage widthmm1260
Unladen weight *kg2160
Operating speedr/min2400
Maximum speedKm/h20
Front tyres 7.00-12
Rear tyres 6.00-9