BP-Side Loader

BP has been dominating the Side Loader market since 1959. A well known leader in the manufacturing and design of lift trucks, BP side loaders are also now a permanent fixture of the Lift Equipt product range.





BP Side Loaders

BP Side Loader Forklifts

Lift Equipt only stock the highest quality equipment from brands with top-notch reputations, which is why we stock an extensive range of BP side loaders.

BP has dominated the side loader market since 1959 with a range of side loader forklifts – from multi-directional to LPG and even electric models – there is a side loader in Lift Equipt’s range to suit your company’s needs.

What is a Side Loader?

A side loader does just what the name suggests – it is a forklift that is able to load and unload from the side of the machine, speeding up productivity even when the load is inaccessible to a front-loading forklift.

A side loader can simply pull up next to the rail, rack or truck and unload from the side rather than the forks being located directly in front of the equipment.

With the load is stabilised on a flat bed and the driver given optimum visibility from both the back and front, a side loader results in safer movement around your warehouse or yard.

Side Loader Uses

For companies looking to maximise the space in their warehouse or yard, a BP side loader is an ideal addition to your arsenal of machinery.

The side loader is perfect for working in doorways and narrow aisles and longer loads such as steel and timber can be better handled because the load is facing the direction the machine is travelling in.

This can reduce the width of the load and has useful applications in any industry where long materials are regularly loaded and unloaded, both indoors or outdoors.

If you want to maximise your warehouse space, big or small, we can help find the right lifting and transporting system for you.

Types of Side Loaders

2-Way Side Loader Forklifts

For most operations, the two-way side loader is the machine to help you get the job done. two-way side loaders work with the machine parallel to your racks or shelving, providing you with easy, safe and fast transport for long goods.

Depending on the size of your loads or the frequency of use for your operations, you can choose from diesel, LPG or electric versions of the side loaders.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these side loaders can be fitted with pneumatic tyres, which allow them to operate in all weather conditions, lifting loads from 3-50 tonnes and reaching speeds of up to 25kmph on some vehicles!

4-Way Side Loader Forklifts

If you’re in the market for a side loader to handle long and bulky loads for stacking on cantilevers and racks, the four-way side loader might be the forklift you need.

Four-way side loaders have a small turning circle, can move loads backwards, forwards, side to side, and of course up and down, and feature three large wheels to tackle uneven ground.

These larger machines need the grunt of diesel or LPG motors to go the extra mile, so they are only available with Diesel or LPG motors.

Like the two-way side loader, you can rest assured that your loads will be moved safely from point A to point B.

Multi-Directional Side Loader Forklifts

A multi-directional side loader is your answer to moving long loads between narrow shelving or in smaller warehouses.

As the name suggests, this side loader can move in all directions – side, front, diagonal, rotation, up and down – allowing it to safely maneuver your loads to their destination.

With an electric motor and 4 super elastic tyres that can be steered separately, the multi-directional side loader can be used both indoors and outdoors to get the job done quickly and safely.

Side Loader Engine Types

When deciding which side loader will suit your business, you will need to consider aspects such as maneuverability, load capacity and operating time of your side loader.

Electric Side Loaders

For an environmentally conscious side loader that can handle 2-7 tonnes, you can’t go past a side loader with an electric engine. Electric side loaders are an option if you are considering the standard two-way side loader, and are the only engine type available for the multi-directional side loader.

All BP electric side loaders come equipped with super elastic tyres, allowing them to tackle indoor and outdoor surfaces with ease and with minimal emissions, electric side loaders are a great choice for indoor environments.

LPG & Diesel Side Loaders

For heavier loads or heavy-duty operations, LPG and diesel side loaders provide the power to help you accelerate through each day.

LPG and diesel side loader forklifts are available in both two-way and four-way models, as they are perfect for lifting those heavy and bulky loads. Apart from 8 – 50-tonne vehicles, which are diesel only, all forklifts in the range are available in both diesel and LPG.

If you want that extra kick, turbo diesel versions are also available.

Navigate those narrow spaces or power through a pile of products with a BP side loader from Lift Equipt. If you want your business to reach new heights, contact our professional team today to find out more about our range of BP side loaders.