Product sheet
Capacity (kg): 4500
Weight without load (kg): 7000 – 7200
Fork Length (mm): 1000/1200/1400
Load Center (mm): 500/600/700
Tyres: Superelastic 200×50-10 – 27×10-12
Engine: Perkins 404D.22T Turbo 45.5 kW
LPG Version: GM IMPCO 3.0 l
Transmission: Hydrostatic Sauer- Danfoss (electronic control)
Tilting: Fork Carriage

Operating the QL-T6 is very comfortable. The cabin is designed to enable the operator to easily reach all the controls. The light and highly precise steering wheel enables a convenient and smooth drive. The pedals control may be actioned with a light foot touch. These and a series of other features such as the adjustable and soft seat make the QL-T6 a machine easy to drive and meeting the expectations of the most demanding drivers. The power steering and the joystick/lever position are ergonomically designed so that the control of the traction, the steering and the execution of the hydraulic movements are fast and simple.

The QL-T6 is designed to minimize the maintenance requirements and at the same time to allow a safe and comfortable access to all the installed components and subsystems.
An efficient diagnostic system for hydrostatic transmission enables easy identification and resolution of potential faults. The benefits are to reduce the maintenance costs and to minimize the machine downtime.