Product sheet
Capacity (kg): 7000
Weight without load (kg): 11200-11800
Fork Length (mm): 1400/1600
Load Center (mm): 700/800
Tyres: Superelastic 23×10-12 – 355×65-15
Engine: VM D754 TE3 Turbo 60 kW 2600 rpm
LPG Version: GM IMPCO 4.3 l Turbo Charged
Transmission: Hydrostatic Sauer- Danfoss (electronic control)
Tilting: Fork Carriage

This model is particularly suited for outdoor and indoor handling of long materials over even and uneven grounds thanks to the large wheels. It is particularly used for  stacking of heavy and bulky goods on cantilevers and racks and to drive in narrow spaces thanks to its small turning radius (it can move front-side-rotation wise with 3 driving and steering wheels). The QL-T7 offers a very flexible driving and handling of the load.

Technical specifications:

  • Strong and heavy components such as big wheel units, large wheel gears, robust chassis and lifting mast with thick reinforced profiles
  • The Electronic Hydrostatic Transmission has a microprocessor located in the cab that controls the inching function, the starting of the machine and the acceleration curve. The control of few parameters provides for a very high number of possible settings. This simple but very flexible program is able to customize the machine for all operation conditions to obtain best speed performances (forwards and backwards) and a perfectly safe transport of the load
  • The powerful engine thanks to the high capacity of the hydrostatic motors gives the best gradeability performance (15% with 7 ton load)
  • Conforming to all applicable EEC reliability standards and in particular to EN 1726-1 an EN 1551 Stability Test, EN 1726-1 and EN 1551 Structural Test with static overload limit of 33% and UNI ISO 6055 Cabin Structural Test
  • Equipped with all mandatory Safety Devices and Systems as specified by EU directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive) and 2004/108/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Supplied with Usage and Maintenance Instruction Book, Spare Parts Catalogue and Certificate of Conformity to EU directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive) and 2004/108/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Operating the QL-T7 is very comfortable. The cabin is designed to enable the operator to easily reach all the controls. The light and highly precise steering wheel enables a convenient and smooth drive. The pedals control may be actioned with a light foot touch. These and a series of other features such as the adjustable and soft seat make the QL-T7 a machine easy to drive and meeting the expectations of the most demanding drivers. The power steering and the joystick/lever position are ergonomically designed so that the control of the traction, the steering and the execution of the hydraulic movements are fast and simple.

The QL-T7 is designed to minimize the maintenance requirements and at the same time to allow a safe and comfortable access to all the installed components and subsystems.
An efficient diagnostic system for hydrostatic transmission enables easy identification and resolution of potential faults. The benefits are to reduce the maintenance costs and to minimize the machine downtime.