Diesel and LPG side loaders

BP Side Loaders – Diesel & LPG

Every business has different needs, from small to large loads, cramped spaces to large warehouses and indoor to outdoor settings.
Side Loaders are a specialised machine that allow the operator to load and unload their products or goods from the side of the machine, rather than the front. Depending on the fuel type, a Side Loader will have advantages and disadvantages to every individual business.

Advantages of Diesel and LPG Side Loaders

Side Loaders are a versatile, worthwhile investment for businesses that have a smaller operational space, work with long loads such as steel, pipes and timber, or bulky loads that need extra stability.


Side Loader forklifts use pneumatic tyres, which allow them to operate indoor and outdoor in all weather conditions, lifting loads from 3-50 tonnes and reaching speeds of up to 25kmph on some vehicles.

Cabin and View

BP Side Loaders provide the operator with an ergonomic cabin and a wide view giving them clear visibility of the load as well as the surrounding area.

For more information on the benefits of the different fuel types used in forklifts, check out the Lift Equipt blog here.

The Lift Equipt Range

Lift Equipt stock a range of BP Side Loaders to suit your operational needs, with varying models available.

For the grunt to get your loads moved, invest in a diesel or LPG BP Side Loader from Lift Equipt. Call the team at Lift Equipt today or drop into visit one of our four convenient locations across WA.