For those business operations that don’t quite need the grunt of a diesel or LPG Side Loader, an electric BP Side Loader may be the answer!

An electric Side Loader is ideal for businesses that have a smaller operational space, work with long loads such as steel, pipes, and timber, and have smaller load lifting requirements.

What is a Side Loader?

Side Loaders are similar to traditional forklifts, however, they allow the operator to load and unload goods from the side of the machine, rather than via forks at the front of the machine.

This method allows the operator more maneuverability in smaller spaces, more safety with high visibility and can help to speed up your operations day-to-day.

Advantages of Electric Side Loaders

Electric BP Side Loaders run on either 80 or 72 voltage and can lift loads from 2-7 tonnes, which is perfect for smaller operations that may not require around the clock usage of the machine.

Don’t let the lack of grunt from these machines fool you – they can still reach high driving speeds and maneuver around in a variety of operations settings.


Electric Side Loaders come with superelastic tyres that are made for driving and handling materials indoors, as well as outdoors in yards, and over even and uneven ground.


Battery-powered electric forklifts are more environmentally friendly; electric Side Loaders can be safely used indoors, as they are fume-free when operating, keeping your warehouse harmful emissions-free.

Cheaper Long Term

Without an engine, transmission or radiator that require regular servicing, electric Side Loaders will save businesses money on repair and servicing costs over the life of the machine.

Diesel and LPG Side Loaders have their advantages and disadvantages too – check out the Lift Equipt blog here for more information.

The Lift Equipt Range

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