F500 Series – King Of The Yard




The CVS Ferrari reach stackers are at the forefront of their industry, prized for their durability, structural strength and economic efficiency. These machines make light work of flexible stacking and are perfect for container and industrial handling. Particularly, with intermodal cargo containers.

These reach stackers are ideal for transporting containers short distances within a port or container yard. Speed up your work with their large lifting capacity and extended ability to both lift upward and extend forward. 

This new breed of heavy duty machinery aims to forever change the industry standards of both performance and return on investment. The CVS Ferrari F500 Reach Stackers are engineering masterpieces developed to overhaul your bottom line, massively increasing the value of your investment long into the future.

These are just a few of the reasons we are proud to be the sole supplier of CVS Ferrari Reach Lifters in WA, SA and NT. Other’s include: 

  • Reliability in tough conditions
  • Industry acknowledgement that they are the highest-performing and most durable reach stacker in the world
  • Their 46 – 52 tonne capacity
  • Quality dynamic stability control including driver optimisation to minimise tyre wear and ensure operational safety
  • Seamlessly integrated design allowing for easy access for convenient maintenance and servicing
  • European engineering suited to our local applications
  • Ability to lift over and beyond the back of 5 containers
  • Ability to lift to 7 containers high (16 metres)