Empty Container Handling Lift Trucks

The CVS Ferrari empty container handlers have been engineered exclusively for port and terminal work, where reliability and productive operation are vital. The CVS Ferrari Container Handling Lift Trucks are massive machines in both weight and size, in fact a fully-loaded Container Handler can weigh more than 100 tonnes. Durability under pressure is no longer optional. This is where the CVS Ferrari range excel.

Finely designed to give the operator full control over every individual step in the handling process, the cabin structure, open mast and gantry design ensure 360º visibility for the driver.

The electronic support feedback and control system ensure precise control to manage uneven gradients or loads, extension, twistlock landing and mast tilt.

CVS Ferrari ECH Range

Built to work efficiently in the most demanding situations sets the ECH range apart from other brand equivalents. Maneuverable enough to manage overhead wires and doorways and able to load and unload the second rail from one side by reaching over the first rail line, this machine saves you tire wear and travel time.

Think how many more moves you can make per day.

Boasting the highest capacity in the industry, these reach stackers have a massive 12 tonne lifting capacity.

 But that’s not all. The ECH range difference includes:

  • The ability to lift up to 8 containers high
  • Use of single box sider pick spread or double stack spreader
  • High or low mounted, or hydraulic tilting cabs
  • Lifts up to 12 tonnes

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Model RSE
Attachment Type 20’/40′ Top Pick Spreader
Load capacity on tires at 1st/2nd/3rd rowkg12.000 | 10.000 | 5.000
Load centre distance at 1st/2nd/3rd rowmm1.780 | 3.850 | 6.400
Load centre to front face of the truckmm735
Lifting height under twist-lockmm15.875
Stacking Ability – containersmm1 over 5 = 6 x 8’6”
Service weight – unladenkg41.700
EU Stage 3a Engine make&model (Rated Power)(kW)CUMMINS QSB6.7 (164)
EU Stage 4 Engine make&model (Rated Power) (kW)VOLVO TAD 871 VE (185)
Transmission make&model DANA TE32
Service Brakes Wet Disk on front wheels
Tires size 14.00-24
Overall width – excluding Spreadermm4.143
Overall length – including spreadermm10.820
Overall heightmm4.275
Seat heightmm2.400
Spreader rotation – clockwise/anticlockwisedeg-85 / +195
Spreader side-shift – left / rightmm+800 / -800
Boom Angle (min / max)deg0 /65