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At Lift Equipt our used forklifts are workshop serviced and prepared, safety checked and ready to be delivered to you.

We have an extensive range of second hand forklifts with lift and reach capacities ranging from 1000kg right up to 48 tonnes, from 1.6 metres to 8-metre lift heights, 2 and 3 stage masts including extras like fork positioning and more.

From used  electric forklifts, LPG and Diesel forklifts we will have a deal to suit your pocket. Buying a pre used machine has never been easier.

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Used forklifts vs New Forklifts

The movement of materials is an essential part of any business, thus making the forklift one of the most valuable assets you own in a business. The issue is everybody looks at it as an indestructible non-essential, that's until it stops working and when the fun starts.

Deciding on buying a forklift can be a daunting task, with so many choices including manufacturers, type and accessories. Should I buy a used forklift second hand or new forklift? battery or electric is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer, however, there are some guidelines if you want to get the most out of your materials handling equipment experience.

The materials handling business is complicated and pressurised with deadlines for loads the primary KPI. If speed and time have a direct bearing on your bottom line you need to pay careful attention when deciding on what forklift to buy to avoid endless frustration and an expensive used forklift lemon. With a wide variety of used forklifts for sale you are assured we will have the right pre owned  forklift for you.

The bottom line is nobody knows your business better than you. Consider the points below for a better understanding of what you will require when it comes to making a decision on a new or used forklift for sale.

Used forklifts can be expensive, what is the right one for me?

Are you just starting your business and have limited cash flow or no idea of your potential hourly use? Then this is a good case for looking at a used forklift which may often be 50% less than a new one. Used forklifts are a great investment if consideration is used early on in the consideration phase. Not to mention a good quality second hand forklift would save you a considerable amount of money.

Used Forklifts | Do forklifts depreciate?

Yes, they do, just as a new car depreciates so does your materials handling equipment. It's great to have a new car but will a second-hand one do the same job? The answer is yes as in the forklift industry however some items need to be carefully assessed. Used forklifts are often a good investment and can be picked up relativly cheaply.

Battery, LPG OR Diesel?

This all depends on your business needs. Do you need power and torque with large loads outdoors? What lift height? You may well have to look at a diesel forklift.

Indoor work in confined warehouse space, on the other hand, is well suited to an electric forklift. Electric forklifts don't require the usual servicing of their fossil fuel counterparts but can have significant drawbacks of their own, like battery charging times and in the case of a second-hand forklift remaining battery life.

Its hard to stress this point enough! If your looking at used forklifts that are battery operated then make sure you get a warranty or at least some sort of test on the battery life. This could be your used forklifts nemesis moment.

Ever considererd what downtime costs?
Is a forklift critical to your business success? What do you have to lose if it breaks down unexpectedly? Will it disrupt and impact your business almost instantly? If you answered yes to any of the above you may want to look at buying a new forklift with the latest bells and whistles which includes a warranty and maintenance contract.
Is support and backup offered?
We consider this to be the most important question you could ask. What warranty do I get? Do you have backup service vehicles and trained technicians and what area do you cover? ( If you're in the country this may well be a deciding factor) Buying a used forklift from a reputable dealer is key if you want to avoid any hassles later on.
Service history and hours?
A key component in the effectiveness and longevity of heavy machinery is to have them regularly serviced. Ask for these documents to ascertain the past life of the used forklift in question.
New VS used
The purchase price is usually 40-50% cheaper than a new machine and it's available immediately. (New machines often have a build time scheduled and can take months to arrive unless the very one you ordered is available)
Consider checking these items!

A simple inspection of the used forklift for sale can reveal a whole lot about the machine and its condition.

Make sure you start and drive the unit as a minimum. Turn the steering wheel and check for full movement. Test the brakes and check underneath for oil leaks.

Ensure all welds are checked for cracks and stress fractures. Check the mast, carriage, rollers and forks for overall functionality and condition. Ensure all critical components are tight and are free from excessive movement.

The forklift chains are a key component to the use of the machine and should be checked thoroughly for cracks corrosion, dryness and breaks and should be properly lubed. Go over the hydraulic lines and check for leaks under load. So the question remains are used forklifts any good? Again it all depends on the model, hours used and the user case. Used forklifts can be extremely good value OR your worst nightmare.

Check the lift height and ensure the mast gets to max reach. The team at Lift Equipt are experts when it comes to used forklifts so ask us and let us guide you through this experience.

Make sure your forklift is fir for purpose. Are you unloading containers? Make sure you ask for a container mast which is shorter than usual.

Make sure you have considered the fuel type. An electric forklift is great for warehouse use but an LPG or Diesel is better for heavier workloads.

When considering an electric forklift make sure to ask about the battery condition and if there are any warranties.

Does the forklift have a fork positioner? Does it have a 3 stage mast? What lift capacity do you need? 2.5-tonne machines are very common.

Lift Equipt is an Australian owned and operated family business with a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist you with your materials handling needs with the expertise you can trust.

Used forklifts and second hand forklifts are our speciality. Everything from pallet trucks, electric forklifts and multiple fuel types including 2.5 tonne 3 stage machines with fork positioner and container mast. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for regular used forklifts offers.

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