Just like cars and trucks, heavy operational machinery such as forklifts should be regularly serviced to keep your business running. As a vital piece of machinery for many businesses, you want to reduce the downtime as much as possible, while keeping your forklift and business running smoothly. Avoiding that recommended forklift service or repair could lead to an unexpected fault ... Read More

Looking for telehandlers Perth| Who makes the best telehandlers in the world? Telehandlers Perth. Firstly what is a telehandler? A telescopic handler is a highly versatile lifting machine often used in the construction industry. Fitted with a boom it ...

When talking about forklifts, LPG, electric and diesel engines all result in different lifting capacities and sizes to suit different working environments. So how do you know which fuel type best suits your business? The team at Lift Equipt have put together a comprehensive guide to the different fuel types and how each type could benefit your day-to-day operations. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Forklifts ... Read More

Hyundai Instant Asset

What is the Instant Asset Write Off?The incentive was introduced to drive investment and assets. It is typically for assets purchased up to a value of $150,000. There is no limit to the number of assets that can be purchased (at the $150K limit).Who qualifies for Instant Asset Write-OffThe incentive is aimed at small to medium-sized companies, but given the ... Read More

OverviewFirstly, what is a forklift? Well according to Wikipedia a lift truck, fork truck, fork hoist or forklift truck is a powered industrial type of truck used to lift and move materials over short distances. Used extensively in warehousing, logistics and manufacturing, various types of forklifts are available. Choosing the right type of forklift for your needs is crucial to ... Read More

The problem on worksites todayMost construction sites are plagued with multiple machines onsite which add extra costs to a project. Not only do they sit idle on site but they often cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day doing so. Its time for an industry shakeup and Magni Telehandlers has the answer.The Magni solutionInnovative use of new technologies ... Read More