Hybrid Empty

Container Handler

In this highly competitive new economy Increasing operational overheads including fuel and tougher emissions standards stand in the way of you and business success. CVS Ferrari has the answer with a leaner and greener alternative to the standard empty container handler. The CVS Ferrari Hybrid is an industry game-changer, providing your company with an eco-efficient solution, slashing your operational costs and drastically reducing emissions. Be the leader of the pack and enhance your environmental reputation.

With CVS FERRARI introducing HY-LIFT a new era has begun for container handling lift trucks. The redundancy of power hydraulics and their replacement with electric-powered winches directly mounted on the mast, integrated with several other new and re­invented energy saving and power recovery technologies, has firmly established CVS Ferrari as leaders in the container handling lift truck sector


HY-Lift features many innovative energy saving design solutions and systems, but the hard-core of the extraordinary fuel efficiency of this machine is its ability to recover over 60% of the energy spent to lift the spreader and a great deal of inertial energy when breaking


HY-LIFT is built on radically new structural concept that has transformed the mast into a "positive" (stabilizing) mass, as opposed to being a "negative" (destabilizing) mass as it is in any conventional container handling lift truck. That makes the machine a lot more stable and a lot mightier at the same time. The lighter weight enables HY -LIFT to use smaller size and sensibly cheaper tires than what is used on equivalent traditional trucks. That results is much smaller tires consumption cost.

40% Lower Cost
Of Ownership

With the new Hy Lift

Engine oils and filters are minimised
The validated and unconditional slashing of the Total Cost of Ownership and of the Environmental Impact of these machine is now a fact, thanks to this unique equipment destined to change both the life of the users and the course of the materials handling industry. HY -LIFT transforms otherwise wasted energy into major cash savings and borderline container handling businesses into sustainable, profitable ones. It forever eliminates maintenance cost icebergs and changes the focus from buying for less into making the business profitable. HY-LIFT is the GAME CHANGER of the container handling lift trucks sector.


MODEL Capacity Stacking Ability Spreader Type
HY08.6 8 Ton 1 over 5 x 8’6″ Single Stack
HY08.8 8 Ton 1 over 7 x 8’6″ Single Stack
HY08.6DS 8 Ton 2 over 5 x 8’6″ Double Stack
HY10.6DS 10 Ton 2 over 5 x 8’6″ Double Stack
HY08.8DS 8 Ton 2 over 7 x 8’6″ Double Stack
HY10.8DS 10 Ton 2 over 7 x 8’6″ Double Stack

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