15-18-20 L-7M

15-18-20 LC-7M

15-18-20 L(G)-7M

25-30-33 L-9A

25-30 LC-7M

25-30-33 L(G)-7M

25-30-33 LF-7




Forklifts fueled by by LPG (liquified petroleum gas) have long been a popular choice for businesses due to their stability, suitability for use indoors and outdoors and value-for-money pricing. But these aren’t the only reasons to go gas.

Gas forklifts are compact and more manoeuvrable than typical outdoor diesel lifters. They are also quieter in use and their exhaust fumes are far less offensive than that of their diesel counterparts.

The performance characteristics of an LPG forklift is also superior to both electric and diesel powered machines when compared across rates of accelerations, speeds (both travel and lift). This is due to more responsive engines and better power to weight ratios.

These sturdy machines perform equally well inside the warehouse and out in the yard. In fact, their optimum performance in most weather conditions makes them the standout outdoor forklift of choice for many medium-sized operations.

 New line of 7 series LPG forklifts

Hyundai’s new 7 series LPG forklifts have taken the best LPG machines have to offer and added even more value with:

  • Quality OPSS: Operator Presence Sensing System – meaning that lifting, lowering or mast tilt is never possible unless someone is seated in the cab
  • Even higher power with low noise
  • Innovative design for simple servicing – easy filter, oil and air cleaner checks and replacement
  • Increased safety and durability – with easy-to apply park brake and overhead guard
  • Ergodic operator friendly compartment design – reduces fatigue and increases operator efficiency
  • Wide range of availability across the 1.5 tonne to 7 tonne range

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