Our extensive range includes:

Trusted brands– Including Hyundai, CVS Ferrari and an extensive range of others

Quality equipmentForklifts, EWPs, telehandlers, scissor lifts, all-terrain forklifts

An extensive range – A variety of large or small equipment

Custom applications – attachments and accessories built to customise your machinery whether it’s for rough terrain, port and yard or indoor warehouse use


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Maybe you have uncertain work locations, have a time specific in work coming in, or simply it makes a better business case, we find that many warehouses, logistics operations and mining ventures prefer to rent their lifting equipment. From warehousing electric pallet jacks to port facility reach stackers, at Lift Equipt we have the materials handling machinery to suit your work site needs.

Whether your job involves moving pallets or shipping containers, our equipment is engineered for the easy lifting and transportation of any material through narrow spaces or across small distances, we can rent to any site in Perth of Western Australia. Our lifting machinery can be found everywhere from forklift hire in Perth, to mining operations in the Pilbara or agricultural areas in the Great Southern region. If you need reliable equipment, and the confidence of a full workshop and service team at the ready, call Lift Equipt today.

Reliable forklift hire

We take rental vehicles seriously, and a key part of our rental fleet service is due to the reliability of all machines we lease. With a full workshop and spare parts catalogue, we are fully equipped to maintain any lifting equipment you own or lease.

When you rent a forklift from Lift Equip, you can be sure the machine will be in top condition. Before delivering your rental, all our vehicles and machinery will be checked for up to date servicing, ensuring you will have the reliability you need when operations begin. All vehicles in our rental fleet are rotated regularly to ensure low hours on the clocks and you are getting the best machine possible. With maintenance and repairs managed internally by Lift Equipt, many businesses have discovered the savings possible by long-term rental of their material handling solution.

  Long and short-term forklift hire

No matter the duration of rental, Lift Equipt will be able to meet your machinery needs. Need a forklift just for the day, no problem. Want to lease a vehicle for six months or a year, easy.

Whether you are looking for an off-road forklift to help bring in the harvest, want a long-term reach stacker for a container port, or simply need another forklift to help manage the demands of the warehouse, we understand that each work site’s needs will be different, Lift Equipt have the rental solution for your business. Our short and long-term rentals are custom-designed to satisfy your most urgent requirements, as well as offering long-term options that can be more cost efficient than investing in your own material handling equipment.

Dry hire forklift

If you or your team have the experience, expertise and capability to manage the job at hand, why not save some money with a dry hire? For certain models and functions of equipment, Lift Equipt will do dry leasing arrangements. That way, you can further minimise your overheads while still getting the reliability and confidence of a Lift Equipt machine.

Or if you are looking into a long-term lease, why not upskill your workforce with our driver training options? Let our expert instructors upskill your operators, allowing you to convert to a dry-hire lease, greatly reducing your expenses and increasing the skillsets on hand in your workforce.

Brands you can trust

Our range of CVS Ferrari high capacity intermodaland bulk handling reach stackers are unmatched in their strength and durability, lifting the bar and setting the industry standard.

The Hyundai Electric Range is quickly building a stellar reputation for their performance, build quality, long battery life and value for money for all of your indoor needs and our gas forklifts perform equally well inside the warehouse and out in the yard. If you’re after exceptional power for outdoor yard work, our diesel lifters are the way to go.

CVS Ferrari Empty Container Handlers have been engineered exclusively for port and terminal work, where reliability and productive operation are vital and our CVS Ferrari Laden Container Lift Trucks are suitable for moving empty and full containers depending on the day’s demands.

If you are looking to grow your fleet, or have a big contract on the way, rent one of Lift Equipt’s material handling vehicles today. We are W.A.’s specialist in lifting machinery, warehouse equipment and container logistics vehicles. Call our office and have a chat with our team about how Lift Equip can provide you with the ideal machinery rental solution for your work site.